Virtua Tennis 2009 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 6

Unlockable World Tour Training Games

Unlock the following World Tour training games by beating level 4 of the corresponding training games:

Alien Attack - Beat Meat Defender level 4.
Avalanche - Beat Zoo Feeder level 4.
Count Mania - Beat Avalanche level 4.
Court Curling - Beat Pot Shot level 4.
Drum Topple - Beat Alien Attack level 4.
Meat Defender - Beat Pirate Wars level 4.
Pin Crusher - Beat Court Curling level 4.
Pot Shot - Beat Block Buster level 4.
Zoo Feeder - Beat Shopping Dash level 4.

Rating 2

Unlockable Concept Rackets

Unlock the following Concept rackets by winning the FED and/or Davis Cups the corresponding numbers of times on Professional difficulty:

Emerald concept racket - Four times.
Fire concept racket - Two times.
Panther concept racket - Six times.
Rainbow concept racket - Three times.
Squished concept racket - Five times.
SuperDrive concept racket - One time.

Rating 1

Unlockable Fancy Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by beating the corresponding mini-games in World Tour mode. The costumes must be worn in order to enter the Fancy Dress-only tournament:

Action Hero - Drum Topple (using a male player).
Bowling clothes - Pin Crusher.
Karate clothes - Avalanche.
Mariachi clothes - Block Buster.
Mime - Count Mania (using a male player).
Pajamas - Court Curling.
Pirate costume - Pirate Wars.
Sheriff Uniform - Pot Shot.
Skeleton clothes - Meat Defender.
Superhero costume - Shopping Dash.
Zookeeper clothes - Zoo Feeder.

Rating 1


Fore! (10 points) - Hit a line judge.
One Small Step... (10 points) - Win a match in the World Tour.
...One Giant Leap! (15 points) - Win a tournament in the World Tour.
Make Friends & Influence People (15 points) - Make friends with 8 characters in World Tour.
Quick and Easy (15 points) - Complete 25 events in Play mode.
Loving It (15 points) - Achieve 25 Love Games.
Breaking the Speed Limit (15 points) - Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28miles.
Big Hitter (15 points) - Achieve 250 MAX Serves.
Pushing it to the MAX! (15 points) - Achieve 3 Consecutive MAX Serves in a match.
Different Strokes (15 points) - Win 400 stroke points.
Volleyball (15 points) - Win 300 volley points .
Super, Smashing, Great! (15 points) - Win 200 smash points.
Aces High (15 points) - Score 100 Aces.
Over the Top (15 points) - Win 50 lob shot points.
Drop and give me 50! (15 points) - Win 50 drop shot points.
Your Country Needs You! (15 points) - Be selected for the Davis Cup team or Fed cup in world tour.
Practise Makes Perfect (15 points) - Win 10 Practice Matches in world tour.
Training to win (20 points) - Clear a level 8 training game in the World Tour.
Schools Out (20 points) - Clear each academy mission in the World Tour.
Shopaholic (20 points) - Purchase 100 different items from the shop in world tour.
Versatile Male (20 points) - Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings.
Versatile Female (20 points) - Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings.
Marathon Man (20 points) - Run a total of 10km.
Grass Stains (20 points) - Play 100 matches on a Grass Court.
Play with Clay (20 points) - Play 100 matches on a Clay Court.
Astro Carpet King (20 points) - Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court.
King for a Day (25 points) - Unlock the secret player King.
That Dukes a hazard! (25 points) - Unlock secret player Duke.
Gold Medallist (25 points) - Unlock every gold medal in the game..
Access all Areas (25 points) - Purchase every Court Pass in World Tour.
Style Guru (25 points) - Unlock every basic play style in World Tour.
Go Pro! (30 points) - Turn professional in World Tour.
Leader of the Pack (30 points) - Number 1 Amateur in the world.
National Treasure (30 points) - Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour.
First Amongst Equals (40 points) - Rank #1 in the world in World Tour.
You are Gold! (30 points) - Complete every academy mission with a gold medal in World Tour.
Last Man Standing (20 points) - Beat all default Male Pro Players.
Last Woman Standing (20 points) - Beat all Female Pro Players.
Competitive Streak (20 points) - Complete 10 ranked matches in world tour.
Social Animal (20 points) - Complete 10 player matches.
To be this good takes AGES (10 points) - Score an Ace with an Underhand Serve.
Dr Doolittle (20 points) - Feed all types of animal in a single game of Zoo Feeder.
Cherry Picker (20 points) - Collect 10 cherries in a single game of Avalanche.
Block and Roll (20 points) - Clear a 15 block combo in Blockbuster.
Arrrrrrr! (20 points) - Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars.
Ham and Eggs (20 points) - Bowl a Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher.
Perfect Frame (20 points) - Clear the table of balls in order without missing in pot shot.
To Look this good takes SEGA (20 points) - Play a game in the complete SEGA outfit.
Them Bones (30 points) - Play the Meat Defender training game wearing the full Skeleton costume.
Coronation (30 points) - Win King of Players tournament in World Tour.

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Boris Becker - Beat arcade mode without losing any points. Defeat becker in the secret tournament.
Duke - Beat king of players and defeat duke.
King - Beat king of players and defeat king.
Stefan Edberg - Complete arcade mode in doubles.
Tim Henman - Beat arcade mode without losing any points. Defeat henman in the secret tournament.

Rating 0


Unlock the following Medals by performing the corresponding tasks:

Top Spin Expert - Win 200 points with Top Spin shots.
Top Spin Master - Win 750 points with Top Spin shots.
Slice Shot Expert - Win 100 points with Slice shots.
Slice Shot Master - Win 500 points with Slice shots.
Lob Shot Expert - Win 50 points with Lob shots.
Lob Shot Master - Win 75 points with Lob shots.
Drop Shot Expert - Win 15 points with Drop shots.
Drop Shot Master - Win 75 points with Drop shots.
Clay Court Specialist - Win 20 Clay court matches.
Clay Court Legend - Win 100 Clay court matches.
Grass Court Specialist - Win 20 Grass court matches.
Grass Court Legend - Win 100 Grass court matches.
Artificial Court Specialist - Win 20 Artificial court matches.
Artificial Court Legend - Win 100 Artificial court matches.
Fancy Dresser - Play 1 match in Fancy Dress.
Dress Up Obsessive - Play 20 matches in Fancy Dress.
Long Distance Runner - Run 10 kms / 6.2 miles.
Marathon Runner - Run 50 kms / 31 miles.
Stylish Player - Unlock 10 Playstyles.
Highly Versatile - Unlock 10 Advanced Playstyles.
Tournament Player - Play 5 tournaments in Play Mode.
Training Player - Play 20 Training Games in Play Mode.
Exhibitionist - Play 20 Exhibition matches in Play Mode.
Online Touring Specialist - Win 5 Online Tour events.
Online Touring Expert - Win 30 Online Tour events.
Online Touring Legend - Win 75 Online Tour events.
Feared Opponent - Awarded for beating all the famous players.
Chameleon - Win as all the different famous players.
Early Training Days - Win 3 different training games in World Tour.
Later Training Days - Win 8 different training games in World Tour.
Career Trainer - Awarded for beating level 8 on a Training Game in World Tour.
Career Gamer - Awarded for beating level 8 on 6 different Training Games in World Tour.
Avid Shopper - Awarded for purchasing 35 items from the Tennis Store.
Big Spender - Awarded for purchasing 50 items from the Tennis Store.
Right of Way - Awarded for purchasing 5 court passes from the Tennis Store.
Ambassador - Win 3 Davis or Fed Cup matches.
National Hero - Win the Davis or Fed Cup.
Student Days - Awarded for completing 20 Academy exercises.
Academic Excellence - Awarded for completing 10 Academy exercises in gold.
Friendly Nature - Awarded for making friends with 5 players in World Tour.
Compelling Company - Awarded for making friends with 15 players in World Tour.
Perfect Server - Win 50 points with an Ace.
Smash Specialist - Win 20 points with a Smash.
Smash Master - Win 100 points with a Smash.
Clean Sheet Specialist - Win 25 Love Games.
Clean Sheet Expert - Win 100 Love Games.
Friendly Xbox Live Specialist - Win 10 online Player Matches.
Friendly Xbox Live Legend - Win 100 online Player Matches.
Xbox Live Ranked Online Specialist - Win 10 Ranked matches.
Xbox Live Ranked Online Legend - Win 100 Ranked matches.