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Viva Pinata Cheats "Arocknid hint" (Xbox 360)

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Arocknid hint

Arocknids are level 5, have a base value of 1,500 Chocolate Coins, and have a Web attack. To get an Arocknid to visit, you must get level 6 or higher gardener and have four Tafflies or Raisants. It must eat two of either of those to settle into your garden. For an Arocknid to romance, it must eat two Buzzlegums from your garden. Keep them away from Reddhotts so they don't burn your Arocknids. To turn it blue, feed it a Bluebell Flower. To turn it pink, feed it a Water Lily Flower. To turn it orange, feed it a Jack 'o Lantern.

2 years ago

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