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Viva Pinata Cheats "Easy money hints" (Xbox 360)

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Easy money hints

-To easily earn money, go to the village in the menu, select "Costalots", and buy Chili Seeds for 22 Chocolate Coins a piece. They should automatically plant themselves. Use the Watering Can to water them all until their leaves turn blue. Attend them until they detach from the stalk. You can sell them for 100 Chocolate Coins a piece.

-When you have two Tafflies, purchase a torch and direct them to the torch. They will catch on fire. When you can, put them out with the watering can. They will become Reddhotts. Romance the Reddhotts and sell the kid for an easy $2,100. Keep repeating as many times you want.

-If you see the beggar, don't hurt him,. Instead, give him about 1000 coins every time you see him until he opens up a shop.Once that happens, make sure the lady at the general store is selling orchid seeds in the seed category. Purchase a bunch of orchid seeds and plant them in the ground. Then, go to the beggar's shop and use his secret fertilizer (it's the best in the game) and use it 3 times on each orchid. In the end it should turn out to be a large plant which sells for 1800 each (and it grows very fast). I have 300,000 coins and got it all in about 20 to 30min. Make sure that as soon as you plant them you water them then use the fertilizer as the plants are growing.

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