Viva Pinata Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 4

Growing a Dragonache

Perform the following steps to grow a Dragonache:

Step 1 - Reach Level 26 (as a Gardener)
Step 2 - Get Willy Builder To Build A Mine
Step 3 - Hire Four Diggerlings
Step 4 - Wait A While And A Egg Will Come Out The Mine
Step 5 - Go To Paper Pets And Buy A Cluckles
Step 6 - Direct The Cluckles To The Egg
Step 7 - There You Have You Very Own Dragonache

Rating 3

Unlockable Accessories

Unlock the following bonus accessories by entering the corresponding codes as a garden name:

Unlock 5 bonus accessories at the pet shop - "chewnicorn"
Unlock new items your pinata can wear - "Bullseye"
Unlock new items your pinata can wear - "goobaa"
Unlock YMCA items - "Kittyfloss"

Rating 2

Badgesicle hint

Badgesicles are level 5, have a base value of 1,500 Chocolate Coins, and have a License Plate attack. It will need two or more nocturnal residents in the garden. For a Badgesicle to appear,  four nocturnal residents are required. Before it can become a  resident, it must eat one Newtgat and two Pumpkins. It must eat one Squazzil and two Tulip Seeds to romance, and there must be a Badgesicle house in the garden. To change its color to red, feed it an apple. To change its color to blue, feed it a Bluebell Seed. To change its color to fuchsia, feed it a Jar Of Honey and a Water Lily Flower.

Rating 2

Watering Can

To get a Watering Can that only requires you to water the plants with once, reach level 20 and get it from the beggar at his shop.

Rating 2


Challenger (20 points) - Complete 5 Factory requests.
Master Challenger (20 points) - Complete 20 Factory requests.
Romancer (20 points) - Become Master Romancer for 5 species.
Master Romancer (20 points) - Become Master Romancer for 20 species.
Collector (20 points) - Made 5 species resident.
Master Collector (20 points) - Made 50 species resident.
Longevity (20 points) - Played the game for 10 hours (real time).
Garden Value (20 points) - Garden worth 25,000 chocolate coins.
Garden Value Master (20 points) - Garden worth 100,000 chocolate coins.
Piñata Value (20 points) - One Piñata worth 5,000 chocolate coins.
Piñata Value Master (20 points) - One Piñata worth 10,000 chocolate coins.
Green Fingers (20 points) - Grown 5 plants to maturity.
Master Green Fingers (20 points) - Grown 25 plants to maturity.
Wealthy (20 points) - Player has 25,000 chocolate coins.
Label Designer (20 points) - Made a Custom Label.
Piñata Name Caller (20 points) - Named a Piñata.
Helper Name Caller (20 points) - Named a Helper.
Talent (20 points) - Reach Level 10.
Master Talent (20 points) - Reach Level 50.
Wealth Master (20 points) - Have 100,000 chocolate coins.
Land Owner (20 points) - Garden size increased once.
Sour Tower (20 points) - Tower of Sour has two pieces.
Sprinkling (20 points) - Employ a Sprinkling.
Super Shovel (20 points) - All the Shovel Head upgrades.
Taffly Fertilizer (20 points) - Make fertilizer with the Taffly.
Master Land Owner (20 points) - Garden size at maximum.
Watchling (20 points) - Employ a Watchling.
Diggerling (20 points) - Employ a Diggerling.
Shovel Strength (20 points) - All Shovel Handle upgrades.
Weedling (20 points) - Employ a Weedling.
Gatherling (20 points) - Employ a Gatherling.
Variants (20 points) - Make five variant Piñatas.
Harvester (20 points) - Collect produce from a Buzzlegum, Moozipan or Goobaa.
Master Sour Tower (20 points) - Tower of Sour has six pieces.
Generosity (20 points) - Turn the Beggar into a Trader.
Watering Can Do (20 points) - All Watering Can upgrades.
Cluckles Hatches Egg (20 points) - Hatch an egg using the Cluckles.
Evolver (20 points) - Evolve two species.
Horticulturist (20 points) - Full bonus growth for 5 plants.
Crowla Delay (20 points) - Distract Dastardos with the Crowla.
Variants Master (20 points) - Make 20 variant Piñatas.
Pigxie Prize (20 points) - Cross Romancing a Swanana and a Rashberry.
Macaracoon Gift (20 points) - Get brought a Romance Sweet by a Macaracoon.
Longevity Master (20 points) - Play for 50 hours real time.
Sherbat Dance (20 points) - Distract Dastardos with the Sherbat.
Master Evolver (20 points) - Evolve eight species.
Cocoadile Tears (20 points) - Attain full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears.
Master Horticulturist (20 points) - Full bonus growth for 25 plants.
Mallowolf Howl (20 points) - Use the Mallowolf to scare off Ruffians.
Chewnicorn Healing (20 points) - Heal a Piata with the Chewnicorn's power.

Rating 2


To get a JuicyGoose, feed the Quackberry a Gooseberry Fruit. The Quackberry will turn into a JuicyGoose.

Rating 1

Chili Plants

To increase a Chili Plants value and size, use the Red Fertilizer.

Rating 1

Arocknid hint

Arocknids are level 5, have a base value of 1,500 Chocolate Coins, and have a Web attack. To get an Arocknid to visit, you must get level 6 or higher gardener and have four Tafflies or Raisants. It must eat two of either of those to settle into your garden. For an Arocknid to romance, it must eat two Buzzlegums from your garden. Keep them away from Reddhotts so they don't burn your Arocknids. To turn it blue, feed it a Bluebell Flower. To turn it pink, feed it a Water Lily Flower. To turn it orange, feed it a Jack 'o Lantern.

Rating 1

"Master Romancer" achievement hint

Since the requirement for Master Romancer is "Have 7 Pinatas in the garden", simply go to Gretchen Fetchum and buy seven Pinatas to get the award. This is a very lucrative way to get experience especially with high level Pinatas, but it gets very expensive if you use Express. Make sure you have plenty of money if you want to use this method.

Rating 0

Attracting Pinatas

To get hints for attracting a certain Pinata, go to your Pinata Encyclopedia inside your journal.

Rating 0

Changing Pinata's color and species

To change the color of your Pinata, use the Knups of plants. For example, a Blue Bell to a Shellybean will change the color to blue. Give your Sparromint a Buttercup Knup and it will change into a Candarie. You can also change your Bunnycombs to yellow by making it eat a pumpkin.

Rating 0

"50 Hour Gameplay" achievement hint

Load the game with a wired controller (or connect your wireless controller with the play and charge kit). After getting to your garden, press X to bring up the menu wheel. Your game will continue to play as long as you do not go any deeper into the menus. This will prevent the challenge window to open randomly. Simply turn off the display and allow the game to idle. Note: The game will not autosave in this state. You may want to close the menu every so often to save, then open the menu up again.

Rating 0

Easy money hints

-To easily earn money, go to the village in the menu, select "Costalots", and buy Chili Seeds for 22 Chocolate Coins a piece. They should automatically plant themselves. Use the Watering Can to water them all until their leaves turn blue. Attend them until they detach from the stalk. You can sell them for 100 Chocolate Coins a piece.

-When you have two Tafflies, purchase a torch and direct them to the torch. They will catch on fire. When you can, put them out with the watering can. They will become Reddhotts. Romance the Reddhotts and sell the kid for an easy $2,100. Keep repeating as many times you want.

-If you see the beggar, don't hurt him,. Instead, give him about 1000 coins every time you see him until he opens up a shop.Once that happens, make sure the lady at the general store is selling orchid seeds in the seed category. Purchase a bunch of orchid seeds and plant them in the ground. Then, go to the beggar's shop and use his secret fertilizer (it's the best in the game) and use it 3 times on each orchid. In the end it should turn out to be a large plant which sells for 1800 each (and it grows very fast). I have 300,000 coins and got it all in about 20 to 30min. Make sure that as soon as you plant them you water them then use the fertilizer as the plants are growing.

Rating 0

Four Headed Sryupent

To get a four headed Sryupent, have two Syrupents romance. When the egg appears, wait for it to jump before hatching and then hit it with your shovel. You should have a two headed Sryupent. Then, have the two headed Syrupent romance. Repeat the same process with the egg to get the four headed Syrupent.