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Wallace And Gromit Episode 1: Fright Of The Bumblebees Cheats ""Snail Whisperer" achievement hint" (Xbox 360)


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"Snail Whisperer" achievement hint

For this achievement, show the snail to everyone in town before you show Mrs. Fritz next door.

"Bee Pleaser" achievement hint:
To unlock this achievement, put the following flowers into the Pollinator:

-Flowers from the cellar.
-Yellow flowers.
-Purple pansies from the news paper shop. Note: You must put the first pot of purple pansies in Mrs. Fritz garden next door. Simply go back to the news stand and ask the lady for another pot of pansies for the Pollinator. You get the purple flowers from the town square. You must get an event at the newspaper stand with the old lady where you have to play a "Verb" mini-game. Make sure you select "Mild" and "Gentleman" as the last two choices and there are four total.
-The Monster flowers that you grow in your yard with miracle mussel formula.

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