Warriors Orochi Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 2

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cao Cao Clear WEI Chapter7
Cao Ren SAMURAI Chapter5-X; Save all the Yellow Generals and escort the Cavalry.
Da Ji Must complete all the campaignes and all the X-Chapters
Da Qiao WU Chapter5-X; Meet up with Da Qiao before the enemy does
Dian Wei Clear WEI Chapter7
Diao Chan WEI Chapter5-X; Reach Diao Chan under 6 Minutes
Dong Zhou SAMURAI Chapter4-X; Defeat the 3 supply troops before they reach Dong Zhou.
Gan Ning Clear WEI Chapter6
Ginchiyo Tachibana Clear SHU Chapter1
Goemon Ishikawa SHU Chapter4-X; Break all 10 of Goemon's Treasure Boxes.
Guan Ping Clear SAMURAI Chapter1
Guan Yu Clear SHU Chapter7
Huang Gai Clear WEI Chapter5
Huang Zhong Clear SAMURAI Chapter1
Inahime Clear WU Chapter5
Jiang Wei SHU Chapter2-X; Ambush plan must succeed!
Kanetsugu Naoe Clear SAMURAI Chapter7
Keiji Maeda WU Chapter6-X; Reach Keiji's base in 20 minutes with all officers still alive.
Kenshin Uesugi Clear SAMURAI Chapter7
Kotaro Fuma WU Chapter2-X; Guide all supply troops to your base and then defeat Kotaro
Kunoichi WU Chapter4-X; Escort all the people safely out of the stage
Ling Tong Clear SAMURAI Chapter5
Liu Bei Clear SHU Chapter8
Lu Bu Defeat Lu Bu on each of the four Chapter 8-X's
Lu Meng Clear WU Chapter3
Lun Xun SAMURAI Chapter3-X; Escort Lu Xun to your base.
Ma Chao SAMURAI Chapter2-X; All peasants and ma Chao must survive.
Magoichi Saika Clear SHU Chapter1
Masamune Date SHU Chapter5-X; Complete all missions given to you.
Meng Huo Clear SHU Chapter4
Mitsunari Clear WEI Chapter2
Musashi Miyamoto SHU Chapter6-X; Musashi's Swordsmen must survive and open the flood gates.
Nagamasa Azai Clear WEI Chapter6
Nene WEI Chapter3-X; Defeat both Nene clones within 4 minutes of them appearing
Nohime WU Chapter3-X; Stop all of the messengers and Nobunaga Oda cannot be in your group!
Oichi Clear WEI Chapter6
Okuni Clear SAMURAI Chapter3
Orochi Unlock all other characters in the game.
Pang De SHU Chapter3-X; Rescue all of Hojo Armies' Generals.
Pang Tong Clear WEI Chapter4
Ranmaru Mori Clear WU Chapter1
Sakon Shima Clear WU Chapter3
Shingen Takeda Clear SAMURAI Chapter7
Sima Yi SAMURAI Chapter6-X; Beat Yellowbelly and Urutu as fast as possible.
Sun Jian Clear WU Chapter7
Sun Quan Clear WU Chapter7
Sun Shang Xiang Clear WU Chapter5
Tadakatsu Honda Need to impress Tadakatsu Honda on each of the four Chapter 7-X's
Taishi Ci Clear WU Chapter2
Wei Yan Clear SHU Chapter3
Xiahou Dun Clear WEI Chapter4
Xiahou Yuan Clear WEI Chapter4
Xiao Qiao Clear SAMURAI Chapter3
Xu Zhu Clear WEI Chapter1
Yoshimoto Imagawa WEI Chapter 4-X; Prevent all engineers from entering the village.
Yuan Shao Clear SHU Chapter5
Yue Ying Clear SHU Chapter2
Yukimura Sanada Clear SHU Chapter3
Zhang Fei Clear SHU Chapter7
Zhang He WEI Chapter2-X; Have Cao Pi convince Zhang He to join him
Zhang Jiao Clear SAMURAI Chapter3
Zhen Ji WEI Chapter6-X; Defeat all 6 Sorcerers and fake Cao Pi
Zhou Tai Clear WU Chapter6
Zhou Yu Clear WU Chapter1
Zhu Rong Clear SHU Chapter4
Zhuge Liang Clear SHU Chapter7
Zuo Ci Complete all four campaigns from Chapters 1-8 (Not including the X-Chapters)

Rating 2

Alternate Wu Story mode scenes

In the Wu mission, save Sun Jian after you escape from the castle. There are variable scenes with your first character selection. For example, the default main character was actually Sun Ce, but once you have chosen three different characters, the scene will change when your stage is cleared from the escape point. Your character will be surrounded by the Orochi Army. Sun Jian and Sun Ce including your selected main character will appear in the scene.

Rating 1

Unlockable Movies

Unlock the following movies by performing the corresponding tasks:

Credits - Complete any Story mode.
Introduction - Start any Story mode.
Sengoku Ending - Complete the Samurai Warriors Story mode.
Shu Ending - Complete the Shu Story mode.
Wei Ending - Complete the Wei Story mode.
Wu Ending - Complete the Wu Story mode.

Rating 1

Unlockable Last Gaiden Stages

Unlock the following characters Last Gaiden stage by performing the corresponding tasks in Stage 7:

Sengoku - Get 1,000 KOs.
Shu - Escape from the burning castle in under two minutes.
Wei - Defeat the defected Da Ji in under one minute.
Wu - Rescue the Sun family in under three minutes.

Rating 1

Fourth weapons

To unlock fourth weapons, get weapons in stages with three or more stars on Hard difficulty or any stage on Chaos difficulty.

Rating 0


Available officers 15 (20 points) - Unlock 15 officers.
Available officers 20 (20 points) - Unlock 20 officers.
Available officers 25 (20 points) - Unlock 25 officers.
Available officers 30 (20 points) - Unlock 30 officers.
Available officers 35 (20 points) - Unlock 35 officers.
Available officers 40 (20 points) - Unlock 40 officers.
Available officers 45 (20 points) - Unlock 45 officers.
Available officers 50 (20 points) - Unlock 50 officers.
Available officers 55 (20 points) - Unlock 55 officers.
Available officers 60 (20 points) - Unlock 60 officers.
Available officers 65 (20 points) - Unlock 65 officers.
Available officers 70 (20 points) - Unlock 70 officers.
Available officers 75 (20 points) - Unlock 75 officers.
All officers available (70 points) - Unlock all officers.
Ability level 20 (30 points) - Acquire 20 abilities.
Ability level 40 (30 points) - Acquire 40 abilities.
Ability level 60 (30 points) - Acquire 60 abilities.
Ability level 80 (30 points) - Acquire 80 abilities.
Ability level 100 (30 points) - Acquire 100 abilities.
Level four weapon acquisition (40 points) - Get the fourth weapon.
Unique item acquisition (40 points) - Get the unique item.
Clear Shu storyline (50 points) - Clear the Shu storyline.
Clear Wei storyline (50 points) - Clear the Wei storyline.
Clear Wu storyline (50 points) - Clear the Wu storyline.
Clear Samurai storyline (50 points) - Clear the Samurai storyline.
Unlock Shu Chapter 8-X (60 points) - Unlock Chapter 8-X of the Shu storyline.
Unlock Wei Chapter 8-X (60 points) - Unlock Chapter 8-X of the Wei storyline.
Unlock Wu Chapter 8-X (60 points) - Unlock Chapter 8-X of the Wu storyline.
Unlock Samurai Chapter 8-X (60 points) - Unlock Chapter 8-X of the Samurai storyline.