Watchmen: The End Is Nigh - Part 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

Rating 1


Morally Superior (36 points) - Beat the game as Nite Owl.
Street Justice (36 points) - Beat the game as Rorschach.
Friends Forever? (36 points) - Beat the game in Co-operative mode.
Martial Artist (15 points) - Perform all 8 Nite Owl combos within 60 seconds.
Feral Fighter (15 points) - Perform all 8 Rorschach combos within 60 seconds.
You Tag 'em - I Bag 'em (11 points) - Eliminate an enemy that your partner has knocked down or thrown in your direction.
Focus Fire (11 points) - Take down 10 enemies in a row finishing off each of them before doing damage to anybody else.
Electric Explosion (8 points) - Hit 14 enemies with a single electrify armor blast.
Rrarararghgh!!! (8 points) - Sustain a single rage mode for 60 seconds.
Ping Pong (8 points) - Hit at least 4 different enemies while building up a combo.
Unending Combo (8 points) - String a single uninterrupted combo that's at least 10 hits long.
Gentleman (8 points) - Beat Chapter III without hitting any ladies before they hit you.

Rating 1

Rorschach vs. Night Owl mode

Complete the game to unlock Rorschach vs. Night Owl mode.