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Training (10 points) - Complete all the tutorial challenges.
Challenges (15 points) - Complete all twenty single-player deathmatch challenges.
Bronze Damage (5 points) - Get 500 points damage.
Silver Damage (20 points) - Get 2,000 points damage.
Gold Damage (35 points) - Get 20,000 points damage.
Three Bagger (15 points) - Kill three worms with one shot.
Body Count (20 points) - Send 100 worms to meet their maker.
Greedy Worm (15 points) - Collect 50 crates.
Barrel Buster (15 points) - Blow up 25 barrels.
Hot Foot (15 points) - Detonate 25 mines.
Shepherd (15 points) - Kill 15 worms using the sheep.
Worm Community (20 points) - Play a four player Xbox Live game.

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Easy achievements

To easily earn the "Shepherd", "Body Count", "Bronze Damage", "Silver Damage", and "Gold Damage" achievements, do the following. Play Challenge 1 in Single-Player mode. You will start beside two enemy worms, both with 10 health points. Use the Sheep weapon. Press A while facing the two enemy worms and explode (A) when the sheep is between both worms. After they die, press Start then Y to restart the level. Repeat this until you earn the Achievements.

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Worms Xbox 360 Q&A

For the Gold Damage achievement.

Answer from STARSCR3AM

Nah, there's no way to see it.

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