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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Cheats "Easy Royal Rumble wins in Hall Of Fame mode" (Xbox 360)

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Easy Royal Rumble wins in Hall Of Fame mode

Use the following hint to complete the Hall Of Fame mode task that requires completing a Royal Rumble under the Legendary difficulty entering at number 1. At the main menu, enter the "Options" menu, select"Gameplay Settings", then "Custom A.I." settings. Scroll until you get to frequency of COM's usage. There will be a couple bars. Set them all down to the lowest possible so that your opponent cannot reverse attacks. Play a Royal Rumble and put your entry to number 1. When you start the match, you can easily throw your opponent out, but you must do it before the number 3 entrant comes out. The trick is to wait facing the ramp just outside the third rope's shadow. When the superstars come out, simply wait until they have gotten up and then just Irish Whip them over the ropes. Repeat this until you have won the Royal Rumble.

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