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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 Cheats "Get the Triple Threat Tag Team match to be a title match in GM mode" (Xbox 360)

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Get the Triple Threat Tag Team match to be a title match in GM mode

This hint only works if the Tag Team championship is vacant and you are playing RAW or SmackDown!. Do this if you want to make the Hardcore Triple Threat tag team match into a title match. When at the GM desk, select the CPU and go into "Options". Then, choose "Play Options" and turn "Title" off. Doing this will allow you to strip any champion of their belt or belts, therefore making the title vacant and you can choose a new holder. Strip the Tag Team champions of their belts. Then, put them in the Hardcore Triple Threat Tag match against any other two teams of your choice and make it for the Tag Team Championship. Next, go back and put the belts back on the superstars you just stripped the belts from and turn "Title" back on. The match will now be a Tag Team match and the champions will actually be entering with their belts on.

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