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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 Cheats "Achievements" (Xbox 360)

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Congrats are in order (10 points) - Win an Exhibition match.
Smokin' (20 points) - Defeat Kane in an Inferno Match.
Create A Finisher (10 points) - Defeat an opponent using a Created Finisher.
A brawl to end them all (30 points) - Win in both a Locker Room Brawl and Backstage Brawl.
Cena Story (20 points) - Complete Cena's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Triple H Story (40 points) - Complete Triple H's DX and Evolution route in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Undertaker Story (20 points) - Complete Undertaker's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Chris Jericho Story (20 points) - Complete Chris Jericho's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Mysterio & Batista Story (40 points) - Complete Mysterio & Batista's story in Road to WrestleMania mode using both Superstars.
Bonus Collector (150 points) - Obtain all bonuses in Road to WrestleMania mode.
Gold Rush (60 points) - Win every WWE Championship in Career mode.
A year in the life (100 points) - Complete 1 year of Career Mode and play every match.
Unstoppable (60 points) - Use a created Superstar and obtain 6 abilities in Career mode.
5 Hall of Famers (100 points) - Induct 5 Superstars to the Hall of Fame in Career mode.
5 Stars (60 points) - Get a 5-Star match rating in Career mode.
Lights, Camera, Action! (30 points) - Create at least 1 original WWE highlight reel.
Hot Tag (30 points) - Perform a hot tag in a tag team match and win.
The End of The Road (200 points) - Complete Road to WrestleMania mode using each selectable Superstar.

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