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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 Cheats "Unlockable Awards" (Xbox 360)

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Unlockable Awards

Unlock the following awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

11th Hour Save - Win a match while your partner has 25% or less health remaining.
4 Corners Of Doom - Complete a corner grapple on all four corners.
A Little Pick-me-up - Pick up downed opponent five times.
All Heart - Take finishing moves from opponent and win.
Armed Hammer - Bust a sledgehammer on opponent.
Around The World - Execute five environmental grapples.
Back-Breaking Labor - Execute seven submission moves to an opponent's torso.
Blood Test - Bloody both opponents in tag match.
Blown Up - Get tired enough to fall down.
Breaking Point - Bust 4 objects.
Can't Catch Me - Taunt six times while out of the ring.
Cardio Monster - Consume 400 units of stamina.
Chain Wrestler - Complete 20 quick grapples.
Cheerleader - Pump up the crowd 5 times as the illegal partner in a tag match.
Cheese With That Whine? - Argue with the ref 4 times.
Continue The Pain - Manually halt the ref's pinfall count 4 times.
Could've Ended Sooner - Perform your finisher 4 times.
Crowd Can't See - Spend over 30 seconds fighting outside the ring.
Cut The Wire - Bust a barbed wire 2x4 on an opponent.
David Whups Goliath - Defeat a super-heavyweight in two and a half minutes or less while playing as a cruiser.
Demolition Man - Destroy all the announcer tables.
Diva Whups Goliath - Defeat a super-heavyweight in two and half minutes or less while playing as a diva.
Don't Call It A Comeback - Win a match with less than 50% health.
Drive-By Grapple - Complete 10 running grapples.
Duke The Dumpster - Bust a trash can on opponent.
Extreme Finisher - Perform two finishers outside the ring.
Failure To Launch - Let top-momentum timer expire 3 times.
Fear Of Flying - Climb the top rope four times and jump down rather than attacking.
Flying Around The Ring - Hit top rope moves off every corner.
Friendly Skies - Connect with 10 attacks off the top rope.
Fuji Would Be Proud - Taunt your opponent 8 times.
Get Inside Now! - Stay out of the ring until the ref's nine-count.
Greco-Roman Master - Do not use a strike the entire match.
Haymaker - Connect with 12 standing strikes.
Hey, Look At Me! - Distract referee 4 times.
High-Rent District - Hit top rope move to an opponent at ringside.
Homage To The Dungeon - Perform 5 submission holds while out of the ring.
Impenetrable Defense - Block or counter at least ten attacks/grapples.
In Control - Execute 5 total control grapples.
Insult To Injury - Taunt your opponent 4 times.
Invisible Superstar - Complete a match without taking damage.
Joyless Victory - Win with very little momentum.
Minimalist - Only use a total of 3 different attacks or grapples for the whole match.
Minute Man - Win in under a minute.
Mucho Lucha - Connect with 5 attacks off the top rope.
No Cover Charge - Win without going for a single pin attempt.
No Kitchen Sink? - Strike opponent with 5 different objects.
No Seat For You! - Bust a chair on opponent.
None Shall Pass - Reverse/counter every attack/grapple in a match.
Not Paid By The Hour - Win in less than two and a half minutes.
Obstructed View - Spend two minutes fighting outside of the ring.
On Strike - Do not use a grapple the entire match.
One-Trick Pony - Use one attack or grapple exclusively for an entire match.
Out Of Control - Break out of three total control grapples by an opponent.
Out Of Stock - Come up short looking for object under ring.
Pain In The Neck - Execute 7 submission moves to an opponent's neck.
Personal Space - Never touch the ropes.
Photo Opp - Complete all your superstar's signatures and finishers.
Plasma Scream - Win while both you and opponent were bloody.
Pretzel Maker - Execute a submission move to every part of an opponent's body.
Ringland Security - Execute 2 grapples against the security barricade.
Seeing Red - Win a match after being bloodied.
Sideline Supporter - Complete 4 strikes/grapples from the apron in a tag match.
Singapore Superstar - Bust a singapore cane on opponent.
Sit In The Corner - Irish whip opponent into corner 10 times.
Speed Bag Expert - Complete 35 strikes.
Squash Match - Win with 85% of your total health.
Stay Down - Knock opponent down and never let them back up.
Sticks & Stones... - Win despite being hit with three different objects.
Stomp A Mudhole - Connect with 8 strikes with opponent is in the corner.
Strong Like Bull - Execute 5 strong grapples.
Sugar Rush - Complete 10 running attacks.
Suit Of Armor - Win without sustaining yellow limb damage anywhere.
Sweep The Leg - Execute 7 submission holds to an opponent's leg.
Tabletop Tapout - Lock on a submission move while opponent is on an announcer table.
Take Out The Trash - Irish whip opponent outside ring 3 times.
Take This Broken Wing - Execute 7 submission holds to an opponent's arms.
Taunt Faster, Poser! - Have a taunt interrupted by an opponent 3 times.
The Human Autograph - Execute 5 signature moves.
There Will Be Blood - Make an opponent bleed within one minute.
Think You Overdid It? - Perform your finisher eight times.
This Is My Yard - Never leave the ring.
Too Many 2s - Win by pinfall after 5 two-counts by either superstar.
Tougher Than Lumber - Win despite being put through a table.
Unpredictable Offense - Win while only being countered/revered 3 or fewer times.
Unsafe Workspace - Destroy one of the announcer tables.
Well-Oiled Machine - Perform 7 double-team moves.
Whipper Snapper - Irish whip opponent 5 times.
Wipe The Smirk Off - Break up 3 taunt attempts by your opponent.
You'll Hurt Yourself - Take an opponent's object 3 times.

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