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Dead Rising 3 Cheats "Vehicle Combinations" (Xbox One)


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Vehicle Combinations **Updated 1 year ago**

Create the following vehicles by combining the corresponding vehicles. Note: The blueprint locations may vary:
Forkwork Forklift + Fireworks Van; ; blueprint awarded for completing Chapter 04.
Junk Bike Motorcycle + Sedan; blueprint found at Los Perdidos Comm. Tower in Sunset Hills.
Junk Car Muscle Car + Sedan; blueprint awarded for completing Chapter 02.
Junk Truck Van + SUV; blueprint found at Diamond Panty (bar in Chapter 03) in Ingleton.
Mini Bike Sports Bike + Motorcycle; blueprint found at motorcycle store (back-alley) in Sunset Hills.
Mobile Locker Van + Van; blueprint awarded for max "Inventory" attribute completion (level 50).
Party Slapper Street Cleaner + Party Van; blueprint found at alley (gas station or garage) in Sunset Hills.
RollerHawg Steamroller + Motorcycle; blueprint awarded for completing Chapter 01.
Shockdozer Ambulance + Bulldozer; blueprint found at hospital entrance in Central City.
Turret Rig Steamroller + Sedan; blueprint awarded at start of Chapter 01.  

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