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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Xbox One Cheats

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A Survivor Is Born (75 points) Game completed.
Adventurer (20 points) Played a match to completion in all multiplayer modes.
Archaeologist (15 points) 75% of all relics collected.
Artilleryman (20 points) 20 enemy players killed with a turret in multiplayer.
Bag Full O' Cache (15 points) 75% of all GPS caches found.
Big Game Hunter (15 points) 10 large animals killed and looted.
Bookworm (10 points) 25% of all documents found.
Clever Girl (25 points) Purchased all skills in one category.
Deadeye (20 points) 10 enemies shot off zip lines.
Down Boy! (10 points) Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.
Down and Dirty (15 points) 15 finishers performed.
Entrapment (10 points) Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.
Epic Fumble (15 points) Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people.
Equalizer (10 points) 75 enemies killed with the rifle.
Escapist (20 points) Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.
Feather Duster (15 points) 10 flying animals killed and looted.
Former Adventurer (20 points) 25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.
Get Over Here! (20 points) 5 enemies rope pulled off edges.
Good Samaritan (10 points) Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.
Gunslinger (10 points) 35 enemies killed with the pistol.
Historian (15 points) 75% of all documents found.
I'm all that! (25 points) Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.
Inconceivable! (50 points) All challenges complete.
Intellectually Superior (50 points) All optional tombs completed.
Lethal (50 points) Purchased all skills in all categories.
Lights Out (15 points) 10 multiplayer enemies killed with the melee attack.
Looking for Trouble (10 points) 25% of all GPS caches found.
Master Blaster (20 points) Two multiplayer enemies killed with one explosive.
Monkey Around (15 points) Survived 3 times in multiplayer by using the rope ascender.
Narcissistic (10 points) New character purchased.
No Stone Left Unturned (50 points) All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.
Now We're Getting Serious (25 points) One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded.
On My Way Up (10 points) Multiplayer level 10 attained.
One Smart Cookie (20 points) One optional tomb completed.
Opportunist (15 points) 25 unaware enemies killed.
Picky (15 points) 200 enemies looted.
Predator (10 points) 50 enemies killed with the bow.
Relic Hunter (10 points) 25% of all relics collected.
Scrounger (20 points) 5000 pieces of salvage collected.
Sharp Shooter (15 points) 50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign.
Shopaholic (20 points) Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer.
Sole Survivor (15 points) Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.
Tastes Like Chicken! (15 points) 10 small animals killed and looted.
The Professional (50 points) All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded.
True Commitment (30 points) Multiplayer level 60 attained.
Unfinished Business (20 points) One challenge completed.
Widowmaker (10 points) 40 enemies killed with the shotgun.

Boom Goes the Dynamite (10 points) Bundle of dynamite shot out of the air.
Chatterbox (5 points) All conversations with the Endurance crew completed.
Crab Cakes (5 points) FeeFee the crab killed.

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"Chatterbox" achievement hint

Talk to the Endurance survivors until all conversation options with each of them are exhausted. They can be found at the following points in the game:

  • When Whitman helps Lara open a door with a Pry Axe upgrade, speak to him before opening that door.
  • Talk to Roth immediately after Lara gets the Climbing Axe,
  • Speak with Roth before investigating the smoke down the mountain.
  • Talk to Reyes, Sam and Jonas before leaving to check out the Galleaon, when Lara returns to Shipwreck Beach while there is daylight.
  • Talk to Reyes, Whitman, Jonah, and Sam on Shipwreck Beach before leaving to explore the Endurance crash.
  • Return to Shipwreck Beach and speak to Reyes, Jonah and Whitman just before leaving for the Research Base.

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Treasure Map Locations

View the following video to see the location of every treasure map:

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Relic Locations

Find every relic by searching the areas in the corresponding coordinates:

Coastal Forest
  • Oni Noh Mask: Coordinates 53N 712367 UTM 3416125. At the northwestern part of the map, find the cave west of a headless shrine.

  • Hannya Mask: Coordinates 53N 712351 UTM 3416086. Enter the small room through a watery canal, then look for the chest on the right.

  • Female Noh Mask: Coordinates 53N 712381 UTM 3416100. Look under the bridge in the southeast part of the map, near a chalk mural to find the chest.

Mountain Temple
  • Green Folded Fan: Coordinates 53N 712435 UTM 3416145. Use the zip line and proceed down the rock path. Look inside a ruined building through a broken wall.

  • Gunbai War Fan: Coordinates 53N 712434 UTM 3416147. From the prior artifact, climb up from the outside to find an entrance into the inside of the second floor.

Mountain Village
  • USMC Dogtags: Coordinates 53N 712456 UTM 3416141. After the plane crashes, climb the muddy hill near the campsite. Once at the top, enter the small shack directly ahead and search the rear right shelf.

  • Dried Gobo Root: Coordinates 53N 712462 UTM 3416166. Find the shrine that Lara can light north of the village camp. Past the statue is a small shack with a white roped doorway. Use the rope arrow to open the door and search inside.

  • Old Photograph: Coordinates 53N 712458 UTM 3416171. Climb on top of the shack that contained the prior relic, then look underneath the roof to the left.

  • Medicinal Herb Vial: Coordinates 53N 712446 UTM 3416181. Zip line down from the Village Overlook Base and look inside the building to the right.

  • Yagen: Coordinates 53N 712468 UTM 3416195. Climb the ledges and rock walls to the left of the waterfall to discover a high room in the tall structure. Jump to the ledge and search the desk inside.

  • Old Photograph: Coordinates 53N 712497 UTM 3416202. Begin at the Hall of Ascension tomb, return to the waterfall, then jump to the ground. Cross back over the flowing water to find a small canopy with a shelf.

Base Approach
  • Bronze Chinese Coin: Coordinates 53N 712464 UTM 3416225. Search the ground next to the Broken Tunnel camp.

  • Bronze Japanese Coin: Coordinates 53N 712445 UTM 3416258. Enter the main concrete structure and go through the door that leads to the stairs. Go upstairs and circle around to the alcove above the stairs.

Base Exterior
  • Japanese Dogtags: Coordinates 53N 712395 UTM 3416281. Get past the bridge and continue up the dirt hill to find a ruined bunker. Climb the left wall then circle around behind the structure to the right to find them in a corner.

  • Marksmanship Badge: Coordinates 53N 712382 UTM 3416295. Enter the large arena full of Solarii and search the larger building with double doors in the back corner. Climb upstairs and pry open the door in the rear corner of the stairwell. Then, search the crate to the left.

  • Metal Inro: Coordinates 53N 712586 UTM 3416095. Reach the helicopter camp, defeat the soldiers, then go down to the left side of the town where the cultists are entering. Shoot the barrier with the shotgun and enter a small area with steps leading up. Climb two sets of stairs, then jump on the slanted roof ahead. Circle around to find an entrance into the structure, where the relic is inside.

  • Jade Water Buffalo: Coordinates 53N 712574 UTM 3416075. Zipline down with the rope bow from the tall metal towers to the area below. Zip to the arena then find shack to the right protected by a barrier. Destroy it with the shotgun to find the relic inside.

  • Decorative Inro: Coordinates 53N 712569 UTM 3416092. Go south of the helicopter base camp to the building with a barricade inside. Burn or pull it down.

  • Jade Horse: Coordinates 53N 712591 UTM 3416080. Find the awning to which Lara can jump to from a small platform jutting from the building. Turn around and jump to the next ledge to find a small room blocked by a barrier. Use the shotgun to enter and find the relic.

  • Commander's Inro: Coordinates 53N 712582 UTM 3416036. Find the wooden bridge that crosses a shallow stream, and enter the shack that is up a metal ramp just across it.

  • Scribe's Inro: Coordinates 53N 71259 UTM 3416060. Find the path leading left and down to a barricade that can be destroyed with the shotgun.

  • Jade Drinking Vessel: Coordinates 53N 712611 UTM 3416061. In the windmill area, find the small alcove to the right of a ramp under one of the buildings.

Geothermal Caverns
  • Funeral Fan: Coordinates 53N 712683 UTM 3416015. Pass the cavern camp, then move ahead to find a small alcove that can be accessed by jumping up to the ledge with a small lit candle shrine.

  • Wedding Fan: Coordinates 53N 712704 UTM 3416005. Search the desk at the Catacombs camp.

  • Inscribed Silk Fan: Coordinates 53N 712692 UTM 3416035. Inside the ceremonial chamber full of cultists, search the left side of the shrine to find a path leading to the relic.

Summit Forest
  • Chao Dynasty Dagger: Coordinates 53N 712605 UTM 3415995 Search near the crashed Japanese airplane.

  • Jade Ceremonial Dagger: Coordinates 53N 712628 UTM 3415997. Find the collapsed tree leading to a climbable wall that Lara can scale with her climbing axe in the southwestern corner of the map. Once at the top, jump across to a wooden platform and climb across the rope to another platform with the relic.

  • Japanese Ceremonial Dagger: Coordinates 712639 UTM 3415988. Look up to find a rope. Reach it by using a fallen wing on a ledge. Climb up, use the zip line to reach a wooden platform, then jump across to the rocky ledge.

Shipwreck Beach
  • Brown Jade Ink Box: Coordinates 53N 712476 UTM 3415933. Go to the shipwreck located south of the survivor's camp. Climb across the deck and climb up to the cabin. The relic is on the desk.

  • Stuffed Bunny: Coordinates 53N 712516 UTM 3415973. Enter the shipwreck on the east side of the area and search inside one of the small rooms inside the rusted ship.

  • Stained Jade Head Rest: Coordinates 53N 712513 UTM 3415972. Inside the same shipwreck that contained the prior relic, climb down to the lowest deck and search the desk against a wall.

  • Toy Train: Coordinates 53N 712506 UTM 3415952. Inside the tall concrete tower en route to the cliffside bunkers.

  • Shaped Jade Head Rest: Coordinates 53N 712524 UTM 3415962. Enter the bunkers at the southwest edge of the area. Find the door that must be pried open and enter the concrete building. Search for a hallway that leads to the right.

  • Worn Wallet: Coordinates 53N 712526 UTM 3415964. From the previous relic, climb the ladder in the hall and turn to the right. Jump across the gap, then climb up and crawl through to find another white wooden ledge. Jump onto it then follow the path forward. Look to the left as you enter the bunker to find the relic on a desk just past a burning barrel.

Cliffside Bunker
  • Portuguese Tin Coin: Coordinates 53N 712558 UTM 3415925. Search under a tree in the exterior area near the waterfall with the zipline crossing nearby.

  • 100 Mon Coin: Coordinates 53N 712568 UTM 3415928. Enter the long corridor where cultists are working on a jet engine. Search the rear right side to find a doorway blocked by a roped barrier. Pull it down with a rope arrow then turn right once inside to find the relic on a desk.

  • Japanese 2 Sen Coin: Coordinates 53N 712572 UTM 3415930. Search the garage north of the Overlook camp.

Research Base
  • Chou Dynasty Helmet: Coordinates 53N 712456 UTM 3416046. Near the entrance to the base, jump across to an axe wall. Climb down the wall then drop down to another wall before reaching the water below. Use the grenade launcher to destroy two metal walls to discover the relic.

  • Ceremonial Helmet: Coordinates 53N 712441 UTM 3416048. Get farther into the base, destroy the gears of the lift, then climb down to the first floor. Circle around the slightly opened doors through the cracked concrete walls to find the relic.

Chasm Shrine
  • Kansu Burial Urn: Coordinates 53N 712595 UTM 3416265. Search the table directly next to the first base camp of the area.

  • Ban Chiang Vase: Coordinates 53N 712595 UTM 3416261. Search one of the dark corners filled with bloody garbage inside the puzzle room, where Lara pulls on the sacrificial cage to smash the weak wall above the doors.

  • Satsume Vase: Coordinates 53N 712616 UTM 3416243. On the ground directly next to the Sacred Passage camp.

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Fast experience and salvage in multiplayer

Note: This may no longer work on the Definitive Edition version. Do the following to easily earn 10K XP and about 2K salvage every 5 minutes. From the Multiplayer menu, start a private match in Rescue mode and on the Beach map. Choosethe Survivor team and customize your Loadouts, then select the top option. When you reach a high enough level, select "Second Wind" as your Offensive Skill. Leave the Survival Skill set to "Advanced Looting". Exit the Loadouts screen, select "Match Options", then set the "Time Limit" to anything. This method required 8-10 minutes to do. Finally, set the "Medkits To Retrieve" option to "20".

Once done, begin the match and collect the medkits throughout the map as fast as possible. Although the medkits spawn randomly, there are certain locations the medkits will constantly appear. Whenyou appear on the map, a circle near the spawn point will indicate where medkits are dropped off. A white waypoint icon will appear off in the distance indicating where the medkit is located. Just run to each waypoint and grab the medkits as they appear, then return them to the drop-off point. Salvage respawns fast after collecting it so collect that as well. Repeat this until the match ends. You can then start a new match and repeat the process. Note: You can end a match in-between rounds and keep all XP and salvage obtained.

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